Terms & Conditions

You are over the age of 18

You do not experience suicidal ideation and if you were to you are aware that you may need emergency support and intervention that this service cannot offer.

If BrainHubCPW does not believe you are suitable for these forms of counselling methods, you are aware that other support maybe required. BrainHubCPW, will where possible, help to find this support for you.

You have read and signed/agreed in writing that you are happy with the client contract and accept all terms and conditions there within. These include but are not limited to a 48 hour notice of cancellation of appointment, understand that there are times where we may need to break confidentiality, specifically, any disclosure of harm to self or other, vulnerable children or adults being at risk or disclosure of Terrorism or Drug Trafficking.

Understanding that due to the use of IM or Email messaging UK police can request and be granted access to email or instant messaging accounts.

That you understand and are committed to your therapy. Counselling works best when conducted on a regular basis allowing the relationship between the client and counsellor to develop.

That you are competent with using which ever form of counselling medium being used and that you will provide us with a working telephone number to be able to contact you should there be a technological problem.

You are that in the case of an emergency you give permission for the counsellor to contact your GP. (Details of which are requested on your assessment form.)

You are aware that your counsellor attends regular supervision with a qualified supervisor in line with their code of ethics.