BrainHub is an innovative counselling service providing domiciliary based sessions as well as walk and talk therapy, webcam, instant messaging, email and telephone-based options covering the whole of beautiful Cornwall. If you would rather your sessions be held in a  mutual space, offices/rooms can be hired to allow you to feel most comfortable.

Our ethos is to make talking therapy accessible to as many people through a variety of means that suit individual need and circumstance, throughout Cornwall.

Change is an inevitable part of life and we believe that each of us are able to make the changes we desire, often we just need that space to reflect on what those are exactly, and a little support in recognising our potential.

We can offer a confidential, warm environment and use the core conditions of a Person-Centred approach to therapy to help you embark on this journey of personal growth, repair and discovery. We are respectful, professional and work ethically to ensure that we give you the best possible service and ensure that you feel comfortable and that we work in a confidential manner.

Why not get in touch today to discuss tailored options available to you, it could be the best phone call you make today. Let us help, we’re here to listen.